Bruce W

I hate doing bookkeeping myself! And in the past, I’ve literally been so run back into the ground by my bookkeepers either losing their temper with me or putting me to sleep with some circular explanation, that I’ve spent years with this problem wrapped around my neck!

So I asked Solvency Now to rescue me from hell and do my bookkeeping and take over my books so I could carry on with my business. The staff at Solvency Now are impeccably trained to have total patience with their clients. And no matter what, they will explain, or help you get the needed data, or offer to outright take the chore off your hands.

Maya and her team always save the day for me and have unbounded patience and certainty in how to remedy just about any mess I make, and let me rest my head on the pillow at night. This last year I closed a corporation in June to start a new one, and for the second half of the year, I generated chaos on the books, because I tried to handle it on my own. In 15 minutes on the phone, Maya personally work with me to get it orderly and sensible and teach me a few things about accounting that I was lost on.

I’ll never use another bookkeeper again! These guys are worth their weight in gold and more than worth every dime I’ve ever paid them.